Copywriter Susan Murphy:
Working with Susan

This page offers answers to some frequently asked questions about working with marketing copywriter Susan Murphy.

Question: Can I see some samples of your work?

Answer: To respect client confidentiality, Susan has opted not to post writing samples on the Web. She has plenty, though—and would be happy to assemble an electronic package based on your industry and/or the type of deliverables you’re seeking to develop.

Question: How do you charge for your services?

Answer: Susan estimates and bills work on a project basis. Before beginning any project, she provides a written estimate so clients know exactly what to expect. She also maintains a Master Fee Schedule that lists ballpark pricing for a variety of popular deliverables. That should tell you very quickly whether or not Susan’s copywriting services will fit within your marketing budget.

Question: We already have an agency, but we still need a marketing copywriter to come up with the content. Can you help?

Answer: Absolutely. Susan has a history of successful collaboration with all members of her clients’ virtual teams—including in-house professionals, branding and digital agencies, and other freelancers.

Question: Can you help us even if our company isn’t located in or near Philadelphia?

Answer: Yes. In fact, Susan prefers to conduct as much work as possible by phone, email, and instant messaging. It’s faster, more efficient, and ultimately more cost-effective for you.

Question: We have a project on the horizon and may need your help. How do we get started?

Answer: Simple—send Susan an email ( with a brief overview of the project, including your target timeline. She’ll schedule a brief call with you or your team to gather more information and prepare a project estimate.