Copywriter Susan Murphy:
The Skills of a Journalist. The Mindset of a Marketer

As a marketing executive, you know well the challenges associated with creating marketing content. Time is tight. In-house resources are limited. Meanwhile, your business objectives loom large. When you need to develop high-quality marketing content, you need a professional resource.

Susan Murphy is a marketing copywriter who specializes in developing content for professional services and technology companies. With an academic background in journalism, Susan is a skilled interviewer and researcher. And with nearly 15 years of corporate marketing and communications experience, she understands how to translate those insights into copy that meets your specific objectives.

Susan quickly gets up to speed on your company, your clients, and your capabilities to help:

  • Provide an objective perspective on your marketing positioning and messaging—and a fresh voice for sales and marketing materials.
  • Build a stronger bridge between company- or product-level brand strategies and sales enablement tools—from internal sales guides to client-facing case studies, brochures, sell sheets, presentations, white papers, and more.
  • Enhance the quality and clarity of research and thought leadership pieces—and then develop supporting materials to launch them effectively to your sales people and clients.